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Amulets of Kabbalah

Kabbalah amulets are ancient magic Pentacles and Pentagrams of King Solomon (the seal of information and magnetism), through which you can change the reality around you, gain access to the information channels of the universe and enlist the protection and protection of the higher forces.

Kabbalistic amulets are created on the basis of ancient Hebrew and contain a variety of magical formulas from letters taken from the "72 names of God," the Grimoires of King Solomon and sacred symbols. The magic influence of talismans encompasses all facets of the material and spiritual life of a person - health, welfare, family well-being, creative achievements, harmonious and productive coexistence with the surrounding world.

Traditionally, kabbalistic talismans are made of precious metals - gold and silver of the highest quality - and represent not only magic items, but also spectacular jewelry accessories.