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Mezuzah Cases

Mezuzah have been used since ancient times as a powerful Jewish amulet, made to protect your home, and in modern times- your car. When placed near the entrance to the house or on the rim of any door in your apartment, except the bathroom or toilet door the Mezuzah with the Shaddai prayer will protect your home and family from evil forces, envy and the evil eye.

Mezuzah is a case in a roll of parchment with a special prayer is placed. Modern manufacturers also decorate mezuzah with additional security elements: menorah, hamsa, hebrew symbols, Ha-Kotel, Shaddai, two lions & others. For example, Hamsa attracts luck, health and wealth, and semi-precious stones are used for protection, as each of them has unique beneficial properties.

The handmade mezuzah is not only beautiful and original souvenir from the Holy Land, but also a valuable gift with deep meaning.