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Holy Land Souvenirs

Israel souvenirs and gifts were known all over the world since the time first pilgrims came to the Holy Land. Skills of Israel craftsmasters were highly valued by travellers and collectors of memorable gifts. Modern souvenirs reflect cultural diversity of present-day Israel, which is not only the country of three religions, but a place where East and West are united. Pilgrimage tours, travelling around the country, seaside rest at the coast of Mediterranean and Red Sea, and medical tourism significantly influence the range of souvenirs, enriching them with new ideas and colors. If you have already visited Israel, entering our website you can again walk around traditional oriental market and choose dozens of unique souvenirs, which you didn’t manage to get in a hurry, or buy stylish gifts you saw through numerous shop displays – religious items, souvenirs with Israel symbols or oriental flavor and Judaism attributes. You can buy oriental crockery, for example white-blue Armenian ceramics, plates with Jerusalem views and other memorable places, goblets and candlesticks as an unusual gift. Such souvenirs will bring joy and holiday atmosphere to every house. Moreover, we have dozens of others small gifts – key chains, magnets, bracelets, amulets, bright bells and thimbles, souvenirs and charms for children, which will display the incomparable Israel spirit and keep it in your memories.