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Applied Judaica includes items of Jewish religious rituals and domestic life, which have been created since the time of Forefather Abraham. Manufacturing quality has been sharpened through centuries, becoming more perfect and filling up with decoration techniques and aestheticization. Today such goods are considered to be not only the part of religious ritual practice and Jewish customs, but also pieces of art which will decorate your home and be a great present with  wishes of  happiness and God protection for your beloved people. This website section includes traditional menorah and candlesticks, metal and wooden mezuzahs, shofars, great variety of khamsa and original miniatures and magnets. You can buy and use them for the original purpose joining sacramental rituals. Every item is the symbol of Judaism and can be a great present for religious and civil people. Those who want to keep in memory every detail of the trip to Israel, such goods  will become unusual souvenirs, embodying the history and spirit of our country.