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There lived a wise king Solomon. But despite his wisdom, his life was not calm. And King Solomon once asked for advice to the court sage with the request: "Help me - very much in this life can drive me crazy. I am very prone to passions, and it hinders me! "To which the Sage replied:" I know how to help you. Put this ring on it - it cuts the phrase: "Everything is going through!". When you are comprehended by strong anger or intense joy, look at this inscription, and it will sober you. In this you will find salvation from passions! ".

As time passed, Solomon followed the advice of the Sage and gained peace. But the moment came and once, as usual, looked at the ring, he did not calm down, but on the contrary - even more lost his temper. He tore the ring off his finger and wanted to throw it into the pond, but suddenly noticed that there was some inscription on the inside of the ring. He looked closely and read: "AND THIS WILL GO THROUGH..."


And This Too Shall Pass
King Solomon in his youth was presented with a ring with the words that when it will be very difficult for him whether it is sad or scary - he should  remember the ring and hold it in his hands. The wealth of Solomon was not measured, another ring - will it greatly increase his it?

    Once in the realm of Solomon there was a crop failure. There was plague and famine: not only children and women were dying, even warriors were exhausted. The King opened all his bins. He sent merchants to sell valuables from their treasury to buy bread and feed people. Solomon was in a state of confusion - and suddenly he remembered the ring. The King took out the ring, held it in his hands ... Nothing happened. Suddenly he noticed that there was an inscription on the ring. What is it? Ancient signs .... Solomon knew this forgotten language. "Everything passes", - he read.

    Many years passed ... King Solomon became known as a wise ruler. He married and lived happily. His wife became the most sensitive and close  assistant and adviser. And suddenly she died. Grief and longing gripped the king. The dancers and the singers didn't amuse him, nor the wrestling contests... Sadness and loneliness. The approaching old age. How to live with this? He took the ring: "Everything passes"? Yearning squeezed his heart. The Tsar did not want to put up with these words: he threw the ring with annoyance, it rolled off - and something flashed on the inner surface. The king picked up the ring, held it in his hands. For some reason he had never seen such an inscription: "THIS WILL PASS AS WELL."

    Many years passed. Solomon turned into an old man. The king understood that his days were numbered and as long as there are still some forces to give the last orders, to have time to say good-bye to all, bless the successors and children. "Everything passes", "It will pass, too," he remembered, grinned: that's all gone. Now the king did not part with the ring. It is already worn out, the previous inscriptions have disappeared. Weak eyes, he noticed: on the edge of the ring something came through. What is it, again some letters? The king framed the edge of the ring with the setting rays of the sun - flashed letters on the verge: "NOTHING WILL BE PASSED" - read Solomon …


    Once King Solomon was sitting in his palace and saw a man walking down the street dressed in gold robes from head to foot. Solomon summoned this man to himself and asked: "Are you a robber?" To which he replied that he was a jeweler: "And Jerusalem is a famous city, many wealthy people, kings and princes come here." Then the king asked how much the jeweler earns ? And he proudly replied that a lot. Then the king grinned and said that if this jeweler is so clever, then let him make a ring that makes the sad happy, and the merry sad. And if in three days the ring is not ready, he orders the jeweler to be executed.

      No matter how talented the jeweler was, but on the third day he went with fear to the king with a ring for him. At the threshold of the palace he met Rahavam, the son of Solomon, and thought: "The son of a wise man is half the wise man." And he told Rahavam about his misfortune. On which he grinned, took a nail and from three sides of the ring scribbled three Hebrew letters - gimel, zain and yud. And he said that with this you can safely go to the king.

      Solomon turned the ring and immediately understood the meaning of the letters from the three sides of the ring in his own way - and their meaning is the abbreviation "AND IT WILL TAKE IT." And as the ring spins, and all the time, different letters come up, so the world spins, and so does the destiny of man. And after thinking that now he sits on a high throne, surrounded by all the splendor, and this will pass, he immediately became sad. And when Ashmoday threw him to the end of the world and Solomon had to wander for three years, then looking at the ring, he understood that this too would pass, and he was getting cheerful.

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